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Our window cleaning services leave your windows thoroughly washed, streak free and crystal clear. We’ll happily clean the exterior and interior of your windows as needed using our special cleaning products and tools. We also distinguish ourselves from our competitors by wearing surgical shoe covers to protect carpets and floors while cleaning the interior windows.

We can even help you change that high light bulb or replace your aged and torn window screens. Have mildew buildup or dirt and stains that won’t come out? Pressure washing is the ideal cleaning method for exterior surfaces. From sidewalks to driveways, siding, patios and more, we can help ensure your property looks its best.

We can also take care of cleaning your outdoor porch and patio lights or remove spider webs from eaves, overhangs and porch and patio ceilings.

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While window cleaning is a necessary chore, it can be difficult to complete on your own, especially when it comes to the second-story. Get clean windows without the struggle by contracting Tulsa Squeegee King.


Wash away all of the dirt and stains with a pressure wash without damaging your property. When you need commercial and residential pressure washing, count on Tulsa Squeegee King to serve you.


Yet, cleaning out your gutters is a dangerous and tricky task. Leave it to the professionals of Tulsa Squeegee King to take care of this important but difficult task.

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Tulsa Squeegee King provides a range of home and business maintenance services including window cleaning, pressure washing and gutter cleaning. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, we can help you improve the appearance of your property through cleaning and maintenance tasks that you or your staff may not have the time or expertise to complete.

When it comes to washing the highest windows, cleaning gutters and providing a thorough wash to exterior walls, you need special equipment and tools. Tulsa Squeegee King takes all of the necessary precautions and uses professional grade equipment, tools and techniques to carry out all of our services.

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